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Year 3


Over the last few weeks we have been studying poetry, especially poetry that makes use of the senses. We have had fun writing poems about our emotions and about life inside a Celtic roundhouse.

Next we will be learning about playscripts. This week's homework has been set to help us to understand how a playscript is set out.

Each pupil has their own Language target for the term. Ask your child what theirs is!


At the moment we are learning about the correct units of measurement for length. Using a ruler accurately can be a bit tricky!

Everyone completed their tables homework well over the holiday and will be tested over the next few days. If we get a bronze star for our tables we will have  achieved our maths target for this term. 


We use lots of words and phrases as part of the daily life of the classroom. Our new phrase for this month is 'Un funud' which means 'One minute'.

Get your child to tell you how to ask for a drink or to say 'Excuse me' in Welsh.

The Celts

We have been busy learning about the Celts this term. They were farmers and warriors who lived a long time ago and painted their faces with blue woad patterns before going into battle. Cool!!

Celts believed that your soul was contained inside your head, so they would cut off the heads of their enemies in battle and hang them outside their roundhouses. 

We had a great day out at Plas Power in Tanyfron learning about the daily life of Celts. We listened to stories and got dressed up in Celtic clothes. We even painted each other's faces - Mrs Jones ended up with a blue moustache! Then we had a busy time spinning and weaving wool, designing shields and making clay thumb pots. In the afternoon we helped to build a roundhouse using wattle and daub. Would you believe that cow poo was one of the ingredients in daub. As Ryan kept telling everyone 'That can't be right!!' 

Now we are all looking forward to the Theatr Clwyd Celts drama workshop next Monday. What will we learn next?