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Year 6

Croeso / Welcome

Hello, and welcome to the official Year 6 webpage of Ysgol Derwen. We have 22 lovely girls and 9 playful boys, so the girls are in the majority! We also have a funny teacher called Mrs Manwaring, she is obsessed with Strictly, her dream is to learn to dance like the people on Strictly (keep trying Mrs M). We also have a very adorable pet gallery with all of our cute pets on the wall. Read on to find out more about our special year 6 class.

Moving into Year 6 was exciting but also a little scary because there are a few differences. We get more responsibilities, there is a buddy system which means Year 6 have to help out at lunch times with the little ones - we have to cut up food and pour drinks but we do get our dinner early so who's complaining! Behaviour is also a big factor because we have to set an example to the tiddlers. Also Mrs Manwaring expects more work from us and it all has to be finished! Next year we will be going to high school so we need to try our best and work extra hard. Although, if we have been writing for a while, Mrs Manwaring makes us stand up and jump around and shake our arms and legs like crazy!

Our current topic is called Hen Wlad fy Nhadau or Land of My Fathers. It is a geography topic about Wales, in mid-October we are going on an exciting trip to Cardiff and we will be going to the Big Pit Museum, which is a coal mine. Mrs Manwaring says you haven't experienced dark until you have been down the pit so it will be VERY scary! We will be staying in Cardiff Bay at the Urdd, we can't wait to see our rooms, every one is excited about having midnight feasts and hopefully nobody will fall off the top bunk or drop their teddy down the side! We will be visiting the Millennium Stadium and the Senedd too.

When we get back from Cardiff Christmas will be just around the corner. Members of Year 6 always get the best parts in the Christmas play and everybody takes part in our school version of the X Factor. We can't wait!

Thank you for reading our webpage, we hope that you come back soon for up-dates. Until next time, cheerio.