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Funds released for 2014/2015

FODS commitment to provide activities and trips to enhance the children’s time at school is something FODS strives to fulfil every year; 

After a recent meeting held at the school in January, the list below are funds that have been agreed to provide the school for the remainder of 2015 from existing funds collected over the last 12 months. 


  • The supply of 6 posts and tarpaulin over the forest school site - £588.00
  • New audio equiptment for the hall - £508.30
  • Scooters, bikes and helmets for upper foundation - £157.95
  • Star pupil prizes x 7 classes @ £20 & DT Materials x 8 @ £50 = £540
  • Glue guns, glue refills & pritt sticks - £179.75
  • Waterproof clothing - £350.00
  • Books - £1493.75
  • Repair work on the junior park - £673.57 (Which includes an annual inspection £195.00)

We have also confirmed funds for the following;

  • Additional DT materials - £200.00
  • Book shelves for new library - £750.00
  • Additional Floppy phonics books for lower foundation £711.00
  • £2,200 has been transferred to the computer fund account. 

We will keep you updated via our newsletter on new events coming up or review the fods events page or our events calender tab, under "Fods events" tab at the bottom of the screen to view all Fods events coming up. We will try to ensure everyone has all events communicated well before the dates to ensure no one misses out, so please keep checking the website and your emails for the newsletters.