Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

Pupil Leadership Team

The new curriculum for Wales has a greater emphasis on pupil voice and children having a more active role in school decision making. To help accommodate this the school has extended the roles of pre existing groups and established new ones. We used to have one pupil committee which covered a  number of responsibilities. We have established new groups, each one with specific roles within school development. It is hoped that this will result in more pupils having an opportunity to represent their classes and the school in issues which interest them and also lead to the children having a greater understanding and say in school developments. 

School Council (Mrs Last)

       Mrs Last has been appointed as the new lead teacher for the School Council. The school council has been elected and is meeting regularly.

              To date they have:

    •  organised a very successful Children In Need event.
    • Sent letters to parents requesting unwanted board games to start a lunchtime games club.
    • Planned a fundraising event to help purchase additional equipment for lunch time games.
    • Attended a school learning walk focussing on the school environment and will report their findings to the school in the near future.
    • The children and staff also supported the 2018 Poppy Appeal with Year 6 children selling poppies throughout the school.
       Eco Council (Mrs Mathierson)
      Mrs Mathieson  has been appointed as the new lead teacher for the Eco School Council. She has attended a training event to learn about the role of Eco Schools within the school curriculum. She has also arranged for the regional Eco Schools coordinator to visit school to help decide on a focus for the coming year. The school will reapply for the bronze and silver awards (Ysgol Derwen has already achieved both these awards along with the Green Flag) to enable the new group and lead teacher to fully understand the process and help engage the whole school.

      Healthy Schools Council (Miss Ellingham )
             The children are now working towards Phase 5 with the main area of focus being hygiene and emotional wellbeing.  Miss Ellingham has been
              meeting with    
              Laura England (FCC) with regards to reaching targets and the school is now preparing for a rigorous assessment due this academic year.
              Miss Ellingham has also organised a World Kindness Day event as part of Anti Bullying Week and has also organised a whole school hand
              washing  and hygiene week.

      Criw Cymraeg (Mrs Jones)
      This group has the responsibility of promoting the Welsh language and culture throughout the school.

      Digital Leaders (Miss Ellingham)
      Digital Leaders have the responsibility of promoting safe internet use across the school. They are also used in a variety of ways to ensure ICT equipment is stored safely around the school and helping both pupils and staff with IT issues. Miss Ellingham has also established an ICT club to up skill pupils in IT and developments with the new DCF Curriculum.




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