ALN Reform

The system for supporting children and young people who have Special Educational Needs has now started to change. The change will take place over a period of three years and the term Special Educational Needs will be replaced with the term Additional Learning Needs (ALN). It will also replace the term Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD). As part of these changes, there will be an emphasis on high aspirations and  improved outcomes for all children and young people who have ALN.

For the majority of children and young people, their needs can be met through high quality teaching and learning. All education settings should put in place differentiated teaching or other targeted support to help pupils make progress, where appropriate. A small number of children and young people, however, will have ALN, which requires Additional Learning Provision (ALP). ALP is additional to or different from educational or training provision, which is generally available for all. Explaining how we meet your child’s needs is known as the graduated response.

Please see the downloadable booklet for further information.

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