Digital Leaders 2022 / 2023

Digital leaders are representatives from year three to year six who have an interest and enthusiasm for digital learning. These representatives support the delivery of the DCF framework, training for staff and children and the digital learning provision across the curriculum. The representatives for this academic year are:

Year Three:  Zac & Rafferty

Year Four:  Verity & Daniel

Year Five:  James & Freya

Year Six:  Reece & Maya

The digital leaders will be updating this page, throughout the year, with their progress and school initatives. 

Our Digital Vision

The digital leaders have been working on a 'digital vision' which supports the New Curriculum in Wales. 

The children have written two 'visions' one for Foundation Phase and one for Key Stage Two, which follows the same ethos but is just worded differently so the children can understand. These have been written and voted on by the classes at Ysgol Derwen. 

Digital Vision KS2
Using the power of technology to enhance our learning and engage us.

Foundation Phase Digital Vision:
Using digital learning to help us in our education.


Digital Heroes Training 10th November 2022

The digital leaders recieved 'digital hero' training from communities first Wales. This is an initive to support the development of digital skills in the local community. The digital heros will aiming to run a digital cafe, this year, which will be held at the school for community members to enagage with the children on digital projects and develop their skills.






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