The School Day

Derwen Primary School is open to girls and boys aged 3+ to 11 years. Children are arranged in classes according to age, from Nursery to Year 6.

Lower Foundation - (Nursery and Reception) - Children aged 3 to 5 years
Upper Foundation - (Year 1 and 2) - Children aged 5 to 7 years
KS2 Juniors - (Years 3 to 6) - Childrend aged 7 to 11 years


  • 9am to 11:30 am Monday to Friday

Foundation Phase Pupils

  • 8:55am to 11:55am
  • 12:55pm to 3:05pm

Junior Pupils

  • 8:55am to 11:55am
  • 12:55pm to 3:20pm

Can you please make every effort to ensure that your child is in school by the school start time of 8.55am. Late arrival in school is very disruptive with regards to taking and closing registers and morning assembly. 

The school bell goes at 8.55am and the side gates will remain open until 9.00am at which point the Foundation and Junior doors will be closed for security reasons. If for any reason you do arrive after 9.00am please use the FRONT entrance.

The school does keep a late book and records poor punctuality and attendance. 

The LEA now monitors the schools attendance and punctuality records and will investigate any issues of poor attendance or punctuality which are expressed by the school. 

Thank you also for your cooperation with regards to this matter.

Child Safety
Children are expected to be punctual in order that work may begin on time. They should not be sent to school too early as the children will not be supervised until 8.45am each day. At this time foundation phase gates and doors are opened and a member of staff will also begin to supervise the junior yard. For their own safety, children arriving at school earlier than this should be booked into the school breakfast club. 

School Security
To help further improve school security, the main school gates are closed every day after the children have entered the school each morning. Mr Bell the school caretaker closes the gates shortly after 9am each morning and re-opens them when he returns to work before the end of the school day. If you wish to visit the school whilst the gates are closed, can I please kindly request that you use the pedestrian gate and remember to close it after you. 

The car park is for staff use only and should not be used to drop off/pick up children or used as a pedestrian walkway. 

Oral medicines etc are not allowed on school premises and cannot be administered by staff except in exceptional circumstances when children need vital medication during school hours on an on-going basis. Parents should see the headteacher so that special arrangements can be made. 

You as a parent may come into the school to administer medication providing you let the appropriate staff know in advance. Asthma suffers using inhalers may do so providing you inform the class teacher that it is necessary. 

If your child has a specific medical condition requiring medication, please contact the Headteacher. 

You will appreciate that medicines in school can constitute a danger to other children. 

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