Year Three

Now that school has reopened we will no longer be uploading distance learning tasks to the school website. From Monday 21st September the Year 3 school work will be uploaded daily to Google Classroom. This will be available for those pupils who are working from home to access in the event of them having to isolate or await test results. If your child is off school because they are unwell then please do not feel that they need to do their school work on these days.

The work will be set to upload at 9am each day. Please bear in mind that when the pupils are in school a big part of the learning we do is through paired work, group activities, discussion and feedback. Much of this type of lesson activity is not suitable for home schooling, however we will do our best to make any worksheets, textbook work or PowerPoint presentations available online for pupils to access as well as giving suggestions for other things you could do at home instead.

Mr Coppack & Mrs Cartwright 


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