Distance Learning

Please click on the class tabs to find work relevent to your child's distance learning. Work will be uploaded weekly on a Sunday ready for the start of the following week. You should recieve your first online distance learning communication by 8pm on Sunday 22nd March.

Please be considerate if at any point, work for your year group does not appear. There may be internet connection issues due to the entire school population of the UK accessing online learning e.g. mobile network providers crashed on Tuesday morning following a request from people working from home or in the worst case senario the teacher or a member of their family may have become ill and be unable to upload work. Whilst it remains to be important to keep up the academic work set by school it is as equally important to spend quality time with your family enjoying each others company and doing ‘normal’ things. Please remember that while they are in school, the children do spend time in transition to lessons, breaktimes, lunchtimes, assemblies etc, so please don’t feel that your have to make your child work for 6 hours a day.

There are many websites available to help you support your child with home learning. The Library service is also offering free eBooks and eAudiobooks online for you to enjoy. Please see the following website aura.wales/libraries/ to register. A list of useful websites can also be found under the 'additional resources' tab.

**Please note when accessing files from a mobile the site may look different. You will see this text but then will need to click on the small arrow to the right of the distance learning tab to access the class list. You do not need a parent login. 

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