Year Four Update

Hi Year Four!

I hope you are all ok. It has been a busy week with year 5 in school - but it has been lovely to see them all. There are a few important bits of information that will be on the video & weekly activities for next week but I thought I would share them here today in case you have any questions.

1. We are looking forward to seeing some of you next week, Mr Jones has sent an email about groups and times. Please let me know if you haven't received it. Although there are 2 groups (we are using the year 5 & 6 classroom) I will be with both groups at all times and you will be able to see each other & talk to each other - so please don't worry.

2. Children not in school - all activities and planning is available for you to complete as usual and will be uploaded to Google Classroom and the website on Sunday. If you haven't done the cartoon head shot for me yet and you are not coming in please can you do this ASAP and email this to me ( or upload via Google Classroom. (Further details in this weeks weekly plan.) Please be aware as this Friday is a planned Inset Day all work will need to be uploaded to Google Classroom by 12:00 on Thursday for feedback to be given. Google Classroom will then be archived and all work removed from the distance learning tab of the website.

3. All your exercise books will be given out if you are coming into school, these are already prepared in bundles and bagged for you to take them home - you do not need to bring a bag with you. If you are not coming in these have already been prepared for you and will be stored safely until September.

4. Mrs Payne has done an introductory video about year 5 for you and supplied further information about year five. This will be posted on Sunday to Google Classroom and will also be available to download from the transition tab of the school website.

5. Reports will be emailed electronically on Monday afternoon.

If you have any questions please let me know. I look forward to seeing some of you next week.

From Miss Ellingham

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