School Dinners

Healthy Eating
As part of our school's commitment to healthy eating, (we have achieved Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the Flintshire Healthy Schools award) and to follow on from the health related changes made to our school meals over the last few years, we would like to as your continued support with healthy snacks. We encourage the children to reduce their intake of sugar/fats/salts, etc and to develop an enjoyment of a more balanced diet whilst not banning sweets/crisps entirely.

We would encourage children  to bring an item of fruit or vegetable and drink of water to school for their mid morning snack. 

Your support for our efforts is crucial if we are to develop good eating habits and a better understanding of food intake amongst the children and help them to make informed choices about their own eating habits in the future.

Foundation Snack
The Nursery, Lower and Upper Foundation prepare their own snacks on a daily basis. The cost for this is £1.25 per week and you will be notified by separate Foundation Phase newsletter when the payment is due. Of course you have the option to send your own snack with your child.

Autumn Term - £9.50 (38 Days) & £8.75 (35 Days)

Spring Term - £ 7.25 (29 days) & £6.00 (24 Days)

Summer Term - £8.50 (34 days) & £7.50 (30 Days)

If you wish to pay the total cost of £45.00 (reduced cost incentive for full payment during first week of the school year only) 

School Dinners
Children can participate in school dinners on a daily, weekly or term basis. Healthy meals are prepared by our school cook and assistants each day in the kitchen and served in the Hall. Alternatively, parents can send their own packed lunch for their child. 

Free School Meals
Free school meals will only be provided for pupils whose parents receive INCOME SUPPORT, INCOME BASED JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE, INCOME RELATED ELEMENT OF EMPLOYMENT AND SUPPORT ALLOWANCE, GUARENTEE CREDIT ELEMENT OF PENSION CREDIT OR CHILD TAX CREDITS (without Working Tax Credit) with an annual income of £16,190.00 or less. If you wish to apply for Free School Meals, please contact the School Office in the first instance.

From September 2013
Foundation Phase £2.00 per day (£10.00 per week)

Juniors £2.00 per day (£10.00 per week)

All meals should be paid for on the first day of the week or can be paid for on a half termly basis. If you wish to pay by the half term, please refer to the table below. Payment must be received during the first school week of the half term. Please make cheques payable to Derwen Primary School.

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