Welcome to Reception class distance learning page 

Here you will find ideas, downloads and weblinks to use at home with your child.

Please feel free to work through activities at your leisure, and at a pace that suits you and your child. Although I will delete some files each Sunday, I will keep some activities on if I feel they are relevant throughout this half-term. All printable activites are on PDF versions, however on Google classrooms, there should be an opportunity for you to edit and return the document to me. To get onto Google classrooms, simply log onto Hwb and then scroll down the page to select 'Google for Education' and Reception class will come onto the page.

I have aimed to simulate what we would usually be doing during a typical school week, which is why I have suggested a variety of activities. Mornings and afternoons at school operate quite differently in Lower Foundation Phase.

Update: Summer term 2020 - at this time of year, we would be spending as much time outdoors completing activities as possible, therefore suggestions and activities set do tend to reflect this. In line with Foundation Phase pedagogy, the outdoors is utilised in every possible way when the weather is suitable. So, please do not worry if your child wants to work outdoors or learn in relation to this - it will very much reflect our learning at school, I am sure! A lot of 'Incidental learning' takes place outdoors at this time of year.  

We hope you enjoy the video at the bottom of the page that we've done for you ! 

Looking forward to the start of a newweek back at school this week, and to spending some time with the class! 

Happy learning, let's do this together smiley

Ms Kate Mathieson 


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